Is Melbourne a global city?

melbourne-06 Melbourne is currently the world’s most liveable city including a population of 122,207 residents (2014). There are 1,674,612 international visitors per year (2012), this shows that a lot of people travel from abroad to visit Melbourne and are of different nationalities and cultures, so they bring this with them to the city. 48% of residents were born overseas (2011) which means that a lot of the residents are not actually Australian, this demonstrates Melbourne being a global city.

In 2011, Melbourne was ranked as number 18 joint with Singapore for being the most economically powerful city in the world, with a $135 billion output. This shows that Melbourne is an important part of the global economic system.

The history of Melbourne is very multicultural, for example Chinese communities settled in the 1950s, Indian in 1800s, British in the 1920s and other Europeans in the 1950s, so people have migrated from all over the globe. There are many different styles of food in restaurants and cafes that reflect this as well as festivals. Below is a video which shows the Melbourne Thai Culture and Food Festival at Federation Square in 2014.

Australian identity tends to not be just be Australian born people but also people from all over the world which makes Melbourne a global city and society. As Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world, the multicultural aspect is valued highly because it is very diverse but still has a great atmosphere and sense of belonging, therefore Melbourne really is a global city.


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