The Australian Bush

What is the Australian Bush? 

Australian’s refer to the Australian Bush as the very rural areas outside of the city where few or no people live. The term ‘Australian Bush’ is used in Australian literature, painting, popular music, films and foods to help define Australian’s idenitity.

Australian bush

Is the ‘Australian Bush’ a unique construct?

It is unique because it has a different landscape compared to landscapes in Europe.

Many myths have evolved from the Bush, for example the Bush was said to home to lost children, outback women, bushrangers and drovers and the Bush helped them to survive with food to nourish them.

An example of a lost child was Clara Crosbie who was 12 years old and was found after three weeks in Lilydale in 1885. Frederick McCubbin drew an oil painting of her lost in the Bush in 1886 which is shown below.

Lost in bush

Aboriginals lived in the Bush and as they live outside they had to find ways to eat and find medicines to live from. Today, Aboriginals are said to be much healthier than other Australians due to their natural remedies, such as tea tree oil. As Aboriginals lived there is shows a great unique construct because Aboriginals are very unique to Australia. Below is a video which shows the types of natural food that the Aboriginals ate from the Bush.

In more recent years, the Australian Bush has become a unique construct because it displays Australian identity in films such as Crocodile Dundee.

Dr Tim Flannery said that the Australian Bush is ‘the only thing that we all, uniquely, share in common. It is at once our inheritance, our sustenance, and the only force ubiquitous and powerful enough to craft a truly Australian people.’ This shows that the Australian Bush is thought by Australians to be a unique construct to them that shapes them as people and all share.

How does ‘the Bush’ differ from ‘the Outback’?

Apart from the cities in Australia, the outback makes up the most of the other areas. It is 6.5 million square kilometres with less than 60,000 people living there. The Outback is said to be beyond the Bush, if you keep going through the Bush then you will reach the Outback.

The Outback is desert and is too dry to grow crops, whereas the Bush consists of shrubs and trees and varies from open country to dense rainforest. Below are two pictures which show how the Outback and the Bush look different.

The Outback

The Outback

the bush

The Bush


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